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With 20 years of experience in construction TLC has completed a multitude of projects in many industries across South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Below is a sample list of TLC's ongoing and past construction projects in oil and gas, marine and the industrial sector. 



Mammoth Warehouse


- Mammoth Exhaust Pty Ltd

- Office store, warehouse

5 lots in total

Lot 47 (15#) Earnest Clark Rd, Canning

- Vale City of Canning, Western Australian, Australia

December 2013 - ongoing


- Supply of steel, fabrication and delivery

Finishing main trussed structures
Finishing main trussed structures

Finishing main trussed structures
Finishing main trussed structures

Finishing phase
Finishing phase

Finishing product in TLC factory
Finishing product in TLC factory


Finishing phase
Finishing phase


Agrifil Warehouse


Agrifil Pty Ltd

- Chemical fertilizer warehouse

- Lot 1015 Armstrong Rd, Hope Valley, 

- City of Kwinana, Western Australian, Australia,

- February 2012 - January 2013


- Engineering

Structure design

- Supply of steel, fabrication and delivery

- Pre-engineered buildings and warehouse store

Koda Indochina


- Furniture warehouse and industrial infrastructure

- Ben Luc Ward, Long An, Vietnam,

- November 2009 - September 2010


- EPC Contract, engineering

- Construction, steel fabrication and installation

- Civil and infrastructures construction

- All civil work completion

M&E and E&I supply and installation

- Brick work and finishing work

Internal road asphalt surface

- Landscaping and hand-over turnkey



Hiangkie Co. Ltd.


- International Coffee Trades

- Decaffeination Coffee Factory

- Long Thanh - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

- Phase 1: 2006 – 2007, Phase 2: 2010-2012, Phase 3: 2015


- EPC Contract

Engineering, project building design

Construction, including all civil work completion

- Steel fabrication and erection

- M&E and E&I supply and installation

- Brick work and finishing work

- Internal road asphalt surface

- Supply of portable site offices

- Landscaping etc.... hand - over turn key

Phu My Steel Mill


Southern Steel Corporation, subcontractor to Danielli

- Phu My, Ba Ria, Vietnam

 2004 - 2006


- Piling, civil construction

- Project management

- Plant and manpower

- Transportation, Stores and Delivery control to site





- Tan Son Nhat International Airport

- Sub Contractor to Kajima

- 2005 - 2007


- Manpower, Supervision of Third party contractors

- Civil Infrastructure works, Including via ducts and
   elevated structures

- HSE team & management to full site

- Supply of heavy Scaffolding & scaffolders

- Supply of extensive range Equipment & plant operators

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Off Shore Pipeline / Likpin - Petechim


- Scope of Work: Oil pipeline construction (42 km)

Sub - contractor, Likpin - Petechim, Consortium

- Nam Rong - Doi Moi

- March 2009 - September 2009


- Subcontractor to the Main Contractor EPC

- Manpower supply, Local equipment supply

- Logistics service, Consumable supply

- Supply of skilled and semi skilled workforce (200+)



On Shore Pipeline / NACAP Asia Pacific


Scope of Work: Gas pipeline construction (40 km 22")

- Sub contractor

- Phu My - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

- 2006 - 2008


- Main subcontractor to Main contractor EPC

- Manpower supply, welders, NDT and others

- Local equipment supply, excavators, crane and

   floating equipment’s

- Logistics service, Consumable supply

- Supply of skilled and semi-skilled workforce (150+)

ALCAN G3 Alumina Refinery Modules


- Process plant for pre-cast of super PAMS to export to
   Gove Australia

- Chan May Port, Hue Province, Vietnam

- 2006


- Supply of REO, formworks, fabrication, installation & cast

   In-situ concrete for super PAM’s base pre-cast (very large)

- Supply of skilled and semi-skilled workforce, 1000+

- Engineering and steel design, fabrication and supply

ALCAN 4500MT Modular Power Plant
ALCAN 4500MT Modular Power Plant

Transportation of completed Power Plant
Transportation of completed Power Plant

Pre cast foundations
Pre cast foundations

ALCAN 4500MT Modular Power Plant
ALCAN 4500MT Modular Power Plant


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Marine Fabrication


- Barge Fabrication

- Local and overseas exports

- 2007 - ongoing

- Prefabricated steel barges for sale and/or hire, up to 3000 Tons

Marine Fabrication
Marine Fabrication

Marine Fabrication
Marine Fabrication

Structural Steel Erection.jpg
Structural Steel Erection.jpg

Civil works
Civil works

Completed Faculty
Completed Faculty

Structural Steel Erection.jpg
Structural Steel Erection.jpg


Strategic Marine


Marine and Infrastructure construction

- Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam

- 2006 - 2009


- EPC Contract Turn Key

- All Civil and Building Construction

Engineering, steel fabrication and installation

M&E and E&I supply and installation

- Finishing work commissioning of completion

- Internal road asphalt surface completion

Contract to supply 150+ coded welders and other trades

   once the facilities are operational

Strategic Marine/ Phase 2


- Design and construct slipways

- Upgrade to and extension of Phase 1

- Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Vietnam

- 2006 - 2009


         - Civil works, sheet piling, Dredging

         - Coffer Dam construction, dewatering

         - Concrete underwater, high pressure works and

         - Environmental works

Sheet Pile Cofferdam & Concrete Work
Sheet Pile Cofferdam & Concrete Work

Sheet Pile Cofferdam & Concrete Work
Sheet Pile Cofferdam & Concrete Work

River hand Concrete Work
River hand Concrete Work

Sheet Pile Cofferdam & Concrete Work
Sheet Pile Cofferdam & Concrete Work


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TLC - PEB Steel Factory


- Project management construction

- 2005 - 2006

Fabrication & erection of steel structures, civil, M&E etc

- All inclusive BOT 3,000 Ton fabrication capacity per month

KNOC – MODU Doosung


- Offshore Vietnam 2004 again in 2009

- Upgrade and Mechanical and structural fabrication offshore works

- Structural modification to drilling mud tanks

- E&I works, Maintenance work including Instrument Tubing

- Crew supplied to carry out drilling services work on Offshore

   Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig

GE Power


- Gas pipeline

- Vung Tau – Ba Ria Province 2003

- Civil & gas pipe repairs

- Sheet piling and repair works on live gas lines for GE Power 

   on behalf of PVGC (Petro Vietnam Gas Company)

Shanghai Chong Construction


- Singapore 2002

- Building & civil works to Luxury Villas in Singapore

- Supply of workforce for the construction of luxury villa’s

   in Singapore

- Procurement and supply of imported materials from
   regional countries 
to complete FFE detailing

AUSAID, Red Cross Flood Rehabilitation


- 2003 - 2004

- Project management

- Project management of the construction of 280 schools

- Managements of 5 regional contractors to perform the work

- Cost control system newly set up by AUSAID implements

   allowing 95% of funds to be identified on the project, 5%

   in administrative costs

- Donated by AUSAID via distributed by Red Cross for

   flood victims

AUSAID, Health Care Project


- VAPHC 2000 - 2003

- Project management

- Supervision and project management of 183 clinics and
care stations within 3 provinces of Vietnam of which

   3 were remote inaccessible locations


Nam Con Son Gas Terminal


- McConnell Dowell Contractors

- 2000 - 2002

- Civil and mechanical works

- Civil excavation, landfill and building works

- Mechanical works, pipe fitting & spooling

- Painting and coatings work

- Equipment hire

Bayer Company


Expansion of plant

- 2004 - 2005

Building works 05, technical package

Project management

Supply and Install new plant building, renew

   existing plant and upgrade past works while

   allowing existing operations

BRA – Topside


Hyundai Heavy Industries and Talisman

- On shore Vietnam in 2003

- On site Mechanical offshore works in Malaysian waters in

   2004 Supply of welders, fitters, piping and E&I personnel in

   total 450 persons

- Offshore hook-up, scaffolding, painting and 
   mechanical balancing

Da Nang Hai Van Pass Tunnels


- VSL - Freyssinet

- 2002 - 2004

- Civil & tunnel works

- Supply and supervision of skilled operators for mechanical

   tunnelling equipment

- Shot Creating services, heavy concrete pumping solutions

- Engineers and Survey Works

- Scheduling and planning of Rail system interface

   with local railway

BRA – Topside, Nha Trang


- Talisman Energy

- Malaysia 2002 - 2003

- Fabrication and offshore works

- Fabrication of main deck structures on the BRA
   Topside - 

- Supply manpower and mechanical crews, electrical crews and

   skilled technicians for commissioning onshore and offshore

My Thuan Bridge


- Baulderstone Hornibrook

- Vinh Long

- 1997 - 2000

- Civil & infrastructure works

- Landfill, civil & concrete works

- Marine supply, tugs, barges etc.,

- Manpower and procurement

- Cable stay works, Pre and Post tension contracting
   with Fryessinet

- Installation of cable system for the bridge supply mechanical

   equipment, pumps and jacks 

- Heavy lifts power and procurement 

Ocean Place Project, HCMC


Transfield Construction

Australia 1996 - 1997

- Building & civil works

- Concrete & formwork works

- Plant and equipment rental

- Manpower

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