Innovative - Sustainable - Efficient Construction

Modular construction is a revolutionary process in which a building is constructed off-site under controlled factory conditions using the same materials and designed to the same codes and standards as conventionally built structures. 


TLC is a leader in the field of Modular Construction and has worked on a number of Modular projects over the last 10 years in Vietnam and abroad.


All modules are completed and fabricated under strict quality management in TLC's Vung Tau factory. All modules and construction adhere to strict Australian and New Zealand building codes and offer a sustainable, efficient, high quality method of construction.


Modular construction offers a significantly lower square metre price compared to traditional construction methods and can be built in a far shorter time period

Modular Products


Residential houses

- Apartment developments

Portable accommodation, cabins, commercial accommodation


Advantages of Modular Construction


- Decreased construction time

- Independently engineered modules generally means higher

   quality and stronger construction

- Increased construction quality and quality management

- Increased construction safety and security

- Sustainable design, reduced environmental impact and waste

- Easily transportable

- Can be built on many different land and soil types

- Modules meet all international standards and requirements

Modular Projects

TLC is a market leader in modular construction and solutions.

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