25 Years in construction and 

TLC Modular was born on industrial,
 oil and gas services and construction industries, operating in Viet Nam since 1995.

Founded by an Australian expatriate, the company has accumulated experience across a wide range of construction sectors.

From this experience the founder saw the opportunity and potential for TLC Modular construction, combining his experience with Vietnam’s global advantage in heavy manufacturing and engineering.

A Strategic Partnership

In 2015 a partnership was conceived with SHS Ltd Singapore securing the corporate and financial backing critical to success in delivering TLC’s now leading edge product to broader markets and large scale projects.

TLC has invested not only in its processes and technology but in its people and engineering capability required to adapt and solve the complex equation that is modular construction and design.

The company's operations proudly comprise of professionals hailing from Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Singapore and Vietnams brightest talent.

Global Experience

TLC services with wider South East Asian market, and extending through Australia and New Zealand.

Operations, Engineering and Manufacturing are based primarily in Vietnam, with over 80 projects and engineering staff in Saigon with TLC’s manufacturing base a short drive south in Vung Tau.

Branch offices and TLC representatives are based in New Zealand and Australia, servicing clients and TLC’s installation and construction programs.
Singapore houses TLC’s corporate office along side with Singapore based business development and tendering team

The TLC Modular Advantage


TLC is proudly and truly international In its people and industry capabilities.

As a SEA based manufacturer, TLC has invested heavily in expatriate management and design professionals along side local talents and meeting and exceeding our service level expectations. 
The scope and scale of modular projects often involves long-lead client relationship and under contract, the financial strength and capacity to deliver.

TLC’s partnership with the parent company SHS Ltd has brought this strength, increasing the scale of projects within our capability, whilst bolstering our commercial terms in partnering with our clients.

As an outfit of scale within a company group of complimentary businesses, TLC has invested strategically on accreditations, processes, R&D, plant and equipment to position itself as a industry leader.

Factory Built

Building horizontally in factory has inherent advantage over the traditional vertical, constrained construction sites typical in most projects.

TLC’s state of the art facilities bring production line efficiencies to building and construction industry. Our plant and equipment is designed around the flow of processes, material and products to be incorporated into our modules.

Specialized stores, machining jigs, framing, and preparation areas feed our production floor maximizing output, whilst providing a safe and quality controlled area.

The key cost driver for TLC is our procurement and material sourcing edge. TLC is able to offer and accommodate carpentry and finishing details on  in-situ construction, that would have a significant impact on cost and time on site.

TLC ensures the labour hours are spent on quality finishing, testing and commissioning of our products prior to consignment for shipping and delivery.

Upon consignment from the factory door, modules undergo a rigorous process of lifting and transportation over many modes and miles. By necessity the modules are engineered and designed to the last detail to withstand these processes and maintain structural integrity and finishing quality.

TLC Modular

In-House Design

From Concept Architecture through schematic development and building approvals, Modular design expertise is Key in achieving best outcomes for clients and successful project delivery.

TLC’s Engineering office covers all disciplines under one roof, allowing the team to conceptualize and collaborate through all phases of Design and engineering process.

In Modular as in traditional engineering, no two projects are alike. Architectural and Engineering solution need to respond to the site, location, logistic requirement of the project.

TLC’s experience, expertise and suite of external consulting engineers have track record in the vast array of challenges that are uniquely present in modular engineered buildings

      Modular Efficiency

  • Paralleled modular and site works programs.

  • Factory building efficiencies.

  • Significant exposure reduction to external delays.

  • Installed furnishing and equipment to modules expedites program and reduces building damage and defects post-completion.

  • Potential to commence manufacturing procurement, fabrication and preliminaries prior to permit issue or site access availability.

  • Potential engineering and Design program reduction with TLC’s in-house team and external consultant partnership.

  • Defects and as-con survey completion on factory reduces post-handover programs.

Construction Program Comparison

Production Capabilities




TLC has existing Manufacturing & Fabrication facility on the water front of Dong Xuyen Industrial zone in Vung Tau City,  100km East of Ho Chi Minh City, where it has leased land totalling 16,000m2 and on that 8,800m2 of covered factory production and storage areas. 

“ Existing factory has good access to the main ports for Break-bulk and conventional shipping.”

Existing TLC Modular Factory at Vung Tau Vietnam

Due to the “Growing Demand of Modular Projects” 
New factory (TLC Modular Factory 2) is currently under construction at D3 Street, Phu My II Industrial Park, Phu My Ward, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Viet Nam.

It Was approximately 60km away from Main office at Ho Chi Minh City and around 35 km distance from the Existing Vungtau Factory.  It has a total land area of 69,993 m2 with around 36,000m2 covered factory and warehouses, expected to be in operation by early  2020.

3d view of  New TLC Modular Factory Entrance

Aerial 3d view of  New TLC modular Factory 

TLC Modular Pte Ltd


Vietnam Office

Hoa Lam Building

5th Floor, 02 Thi Sach Street

District1, Ho Chi Minh City


Tel. +84 287306 7779


Singapore Office

No. 19 Tuas Avenue 20

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New Zealand/Auckland Office:
Level 9, 51 Shortland St, Auckland CBD,
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