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State of the Art Facilities and Connectivity

Ho Chi Minh, our manufacturing and innovation hub

Our head office in Ho Chi Minh City is the central location for all the designing, sourcing, and engineering of our modular structures. Our Manufacturing facilities are in Dong Xuyen Industrial zone in coastal Vung Tau City, approximately 100 km South-East of Ho Chi Minh City. We are proud to announce that as at Dec. 2021, we have acquired a new nearby facility of 45,000m2, including combined office and production areas measuring 25,000m2.
production Facility

TLC complies with highest standards For QAQC control

Implementing ISO and other recognized certified inspection process, to meet regulatory needs of each country we are working in.Even before a frame has been welded, an exhaustive compliance pathway and due diligence process of the design and certification of the modules is completed

Before any module leaves our facility, each element of the construction has been thoroughly checked, tested and documented during our precise and extensive Quality Control process which far exceeds a conventional construction industry Quality Control standard.


We are not just as a leader but also as an industry pioneer

We are proud of our ongoing partnerships with material production and manufacturing market leaders across a range of sectors, including lighting, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Innovation is constantly being explored and incorporated throughout the entire process to deliver continual product improvement for our clients be it for sustainability, originality or cost efficacy.

We understand that when building, a key cost driver and concern is the procurement and material sourcing stage. Investment in our procurement lines and our own product development means our clients  get better ‘bang for buck’ and bespoke finishes and fixtures to elevate them above their competition.

We have strategically invested in accreditations, processes, R&D, plants and equipment to position ourselves not just as a leader, but also as an industry pioneer, including continual in house training programs for management and workers alike.
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TLC is proud of our consistent work alongside the production market leaders across a range of sectors